24 February, 2011

Ransome Randle Co.

NE corner of 9th and camelia, berkeley

This is interesting: Lincoln Cushing has a stamp for Hutchinson & Ransome, while Andrew has a very similar stamp for the Ransome Construction Co. here (1902), as well as ones for Ransome Crummey Company (based in Oakland, circa 1915), and then the Ransome Company (based in Emeryville, circa 1939), and finally, the Ransome Construction Company (based in San Leandro as of 2002). It looks like Mr. Ransome worked first with Mr. Hutchison (who went on to work under Hutchison Co. into the 1920's), and then Randle, before branching off on his own and starting what would become a multi-generational family business. That would mean that my stamp and Andrew's undated stamp date from around 1905-1910. I wonder whatever became of Mr. Randle?

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