13 October, 2010

R.D. Stoecker

917 east a street, hayward

Last night I went on a date in Hayward with a Lutheran accountant who does musical theater, and had been described by the people setting us up as "edgy." I hardly need to tell you that we had very little in common, so the highlight of the evening for me was discovering a stamp as I was walking to my car at the end of the evening. The lighting is terrible in this picture (I really need to improve on my night photography skills), but in person it was clear that the stamp was from 1956, the same year that R.D. Stoecker placed an advertisement for his services in the Police and Peace Officers' Journal of the State of California, which you can leaf through here (Stoecker's ad is on page 51!). Pretty cool!

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andrew said...

Glad your evening wasn't a total loss!