23 May, 2010

Catching Up

As I mentioned on my other blogs, I've been dealing with some internet issues for the past few weeks (namely, efax accidentally took over my phone number from AT&T and it took two weeks to recover the number, plus another week to get things running properly), so I have quite a stockpile of sidewalk stamps to post. I was in New York last week and am incredulous that I didn't find a single stamp, in spite of having walked miles and miles of sidewalk. I guess New York has different rules about concrete installation, which is too bad because it's such an old city. Anyways, to kick us off, here are a few I found yesterday while walking to the Cheeseboard for some Ossau-Iraty cheese in preparation for my next trip. Do they have sidewalk stamps in Spain? Stay tuned to find out!

vine street near shattuck, berkeley

1930 rose, berkeley

near 1839 Rose, berkeley

1739 rose, berkeley

1457 hopkins, berkeley

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