30 December, 2009

L. Scaramelli

625 santa fe

"L. J. Scaramelli of Alameda is numbered among those who have been the architects of their own fortunes, his present prosperity resulting from determined and persistent efforts along definite and well directed lines of action. He has proven an able business man, governed by right principles, and is now one of the leading cement contractors of Alameda county.

Mr. Scaramelli was born in Lucca, Italy, March 26, 1902, and at the age of four years was brought by his parents to California, where he has resided continuously since. He received his educational training in the public schools of San Francisco, Oakland and Alameda, and then learned the trade of cement worker under his stepfather, A. Falcier. He became an expert workman and continued in that line as an employee until about three years ago, when he bought out Mr. Falcier and has since been engaged in the business on his own account. He is doing a large volume of business, constructing concrete floors, sidewalks, curbs, gutters, steps and foundations, and every job of work done by him will pass the most rigid inspection, for he takes a justifiable pride in his work and does thoroughly everything that he undertakes. At present he is doing a lot of work on a new subdivision at Broadway and Bog Island for W. F. Justice. He does contract work in all the bay cities and is enjoying a large patronage.

Mr. Scaramelli was united in marriage to Miss Alma Ballwany, who was born and reared in Berkeley, Alameda county, and they are the parents of a daughter, Irene, who is now four years of age. He is building an attractive new home on Broadway. Mr. Scaramelli is a man of strict integrity in all of his affairs, commands the confidence of all who have had dealings with him, while throughout the community where he lives he is held in high regard by all."

-from here (1928)!

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